Hørland - Engebret Madsen Balke

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Hørland - Engebret Madsen Balke

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In vol. 4 of the Totens Bygdebok the author states on page 398, no. 14. that Engebret Madsen Balke married Pernille Nilsdatter Kvikstad and had 6 children. But in the Stange Bygdebok, vol. 1, page 141 the author also has Engebret Madsen marrying Pernille Nilsdatter and has 4 of the same children with the same dates.

The difference is in Stange, it shows Mads Andersen as the father of Engebret Madsen. In Toten is shows Mads Ellingsen as the father. One of them is correct. Also which parents do the children in Toten or Stange belong to?

Anyone familiar with this family or issues between Toten and Stange?


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