Peder Gudbrandsen Roa, f 1873

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Peder Gudbrandsen Roa, f 1873

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Peder Gudbrandsen Roa (Roen) was born in 1873. The bygdebok for Ringebu says that he bought the farm for 2,000 kroner in 1893 (he was 20 at the time) and the 1900 census says that he was living off his fortune (he was 27 at the time and married.) At that same time, his father was leasing the farm, presumably from his son, Peder.

Tor Onshus' database says that Peder Gudbrandsen emigrated from Ringebu in 1888, when he was 15 years old, but does not say to where. I have not been able to find this in the church books or other emigration records.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I might find out where Peder went and how he earned his fortune?

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Re: Peder Gudbrandsen Roa, f 1873

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John, I have Peder registered as emigrated in 1888, traveling with Thingvalla June 7th to San Modesto, CA. In 1893 he bought Roa and stayed there also in 1900.
In 1900 it looks like he have some money as he is registered as living from his fortune. He must have earned some money to be able to by Roa for 2000 NOK in 1893.

1 Peder Gudbrandsen Roen, 55276
b. 15 May 1873
ch. 1 Jun 1873, Ringebu
em. 7 Jun 1888, San Modesto, CA
cen. 1900, Roa, Kjønnås
occ. Roen 1893-1944
& Maria Olsdtr Forrerønningen, 155347
b. 16 Apr 1875, Forrerønningen, Frya
ch. 6 Jun 1875, Sør-Fron Kirke
m. bef 1900
1.1 Klara Ingeborg Roen, 85720
b. 19 Sep 1902, Roa, Kjønnås
ch. 3 Nov 1902, Ringebu Kirke
1.2 Gudbrand Roen, 55294
b. 29 Nov 1904, Roa, Kjønnås
em. 22 Jun 1923, Calefornia
& Astrid Midtmoen, 55295
b. 1901
em. 22 Jun 1923, Calefornia
1.3 Ole Johan Roen, 35847
b. 19 Jul 1912, Roa, Kjønnås
occ. Roa 1944-84
& Ellen Gudbrandsdtr Dalbak, 35843
b. 10 Apr 1923
m. 1944

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Re: Peder Gudbrandsen Roa, f 1873

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John...Peder travelled to Modesto where he had several siblings and an uncle..He earned his money in USA and some in stocks in Oslo...

But who did you search for I understand that you are not related to Roen but one you helped. I got one name from you but can not make him fit in anywhere. I know that Peder had one son in USA. Gudbrand/Gilbert who also emigrated. I know of his daughter..


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