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Kr.sand S - Philadelphia, USA. Hans E. Evensen, gjenforent

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Philadelphia Inquirer, torsdag 13 nov 1919, vol 181, s 1:

Relatives Reunited after 30 Years' Search
Naturalization Bureau Puts Norwegian In Touch With Brother.

The Federal Naturalization Court in the Postoffice building yesterday was temporarily turned into a Bureau of Missing Persons, and a Norwegian, naturalised here 25 years ago, was again put in touch with a sister who has been searching for him, and he for her, for 30 years.
The brother and sister were reunited by Harry A. Wilson, an examiner of the court, who last Saturday received a letter from a Mrs. Sophie Liberman, in Norway, which had been four months in transit. It asked the Naturalization Bureau to help her locate her brother, Hans E. Evenson, who came to this country 36 years ago, and from whom she had never heard, although she had written many letters, all of which had been returned to her. She had heard, however, that he was naturalized in this city.
Going over the records, Mr. Wilson found that a Hans E. Evenson had been naturalized here on January 16, 1894. He then had recourse to a directory, and finally located Evenson at 1819 Roseberry street. He wrote to Evenson, asking him to call at the Naturalization Bureau, and bring the letter for identification.
Evenson came, yesterday, not knowing what he was wanted for, and Wilson, with no explanation, simply handed him the letter from Mrs. Lieberman.
"Why, this is my sister's writing, where did it come from?" he exclaimed. "For 25 years I have tried to communicate with her, and never found her."
He opened the letter, and with profuse thanks left the building, vowing to write a long, long letter to his sister, whose address he had never known.

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