Norge-Sharon, Wisconsin, Charles Ellingson, forsvunnet, 1910

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Norge-Sharon, Wisconsin, Charles Ellingson, forsvunnet, 1910

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Daily Register-Gazette, Rockford, Illinois. Friday, 10 June 1910, page 1, column 6:

Floater may be Sharon man.
Answers description of Chas. Ellingson, missing three weeks.

Up to 3 o'clock this afternoon the coroner had not learned the identity of the floater found some four miles below Rockford near the forty-acre island Thursday afternoon.
The surmise is that the drowned man was Charles Ellingson, a Norwegian who disappeared from Sharon, Wis., about three weeks ago. A description of the missing man and the clothing tallies with that of the body found on the river bank near here and relatives of Ellingson are expected here this afternoon to identify the remains.
The floater was seen early Sunday morning just below the Nelson bridge and a telephone message was sent to the police station but it was not seen again. The supposition is that this was the same body, the corpse floating over the dam when the water power shops closed over Sunday and permitted the river to raise.
The initials "C. F." appear on the shirt of the floater and the F may have originally been an E.

Daily Register-Gazette, Rockford, Illinois. Saturday, 11 June 1910, page 12, column 1:

Floater was Alonzo Flynn.
Belief general that he committed suicide while despondent.
Threatened to end life.
Sought Reconciliation With Divorced Wife - Left Watch With Brother for Her.

The mystery surrounding the identity of the body found floating in the river near the Forty Acre Island Thursday, was cleared Friday night by the positive identification of the remains as those of Alonzo Flynn by his mother and divorced wife of the diseased.
The coroner and members of the Flynn family are confident that the unfortunate man leaped into the water with suicidal intent, but there were no eye witnesses to the tragedy and the truth will never be known.
Failure of an effort of reconciliation with his divorced wife is given as a cause for the rash act. Mrs. Flynn secured a divorce in January of this year and the husband has been making overtures for a remarriage ever since. He has often threatened to "shuffle off" in the event that the wife refused to take him back.
Of late Flynn has ben employed at Belvidere. He was a painter by trade and a good workman, but improvident with his earnings. Memorial Day he spent in Rockford. During the forenoon he visited with his mother, Mrs. Margaret Flynn. She presented him with two handkerchiefs, which were found in the pockets of the deceased.
The afternoon was spent with a brother, Michael Flynn, a friend named Brennan and Thos. Broderick, on the bank of the river near the C., B. & Q. bridge. There was a supply of liquor on hand and during the afternoon Alonzo disappeared. He was last seen going in the direction of the bridge pier, but little attention was paid to his disappearance at the time, the companion figuring that he had gone back to Belvidere, inasmuch as this was his expressed intention.
Members of the party did discuss suicide and a possible fall into the river, but as no hat was found floating on the surface of the stream, they abandoned this idea. The thought recurred when the description of the floater found in the river this week was given publicity, and the mother and ex-wife visited the undertaking rooms Friday night and positively identified the corpse. The remains were interred in the Catholic cemeter this afternoon.
Flynn was about 37 years old and native of Pecatonica, but has made his home in Rockford much of his life. The divorced wife makes her home here and takes the tragic death of Flynn keenly, feeling that she is in a measure responsible. One of Flynn's last acts was to give his watch to his brother with instructions to turn it over to the divorced wife. The brother left for Hot Springs Sunday. A daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Flynn was buried recently at Cherry Valley.
Besides the mother and brother mentioned, Flynn is survived by a sister, Mrs. Madelin Fraipont. A verdict of death by drowning of an unknown was returned by the coroner's jury Friday afternoon, but the verdict was reopened to-day and a corrected verdict of suicide returned. Flynn carried an insurance of $200 in the Prudential company.
Mrs. Flynn explained the presence of the initials C. F. on the shirt band of the diseased by saying that when the couple lived together her initials were placed on the garments sent to the laundry instead of those of her husband. Her name is Carrie Flynn.

Sharon Man Returns.

The coroner learned during the afternoon that Charles Ellingson, the missing Sharon, Wis., man, had returned to his home, and hope of identifying the floater in that direction was abandoned.
Mrs. W. H. Austin of Janesville was in Rockford Friday afternoon and viewed the remains in fear that they were those of her husband, absent for over a year. Mrs. Austin received a letter from her husband, enclosing a photograph and dated at St. Paul the first of last week, the first time she had heard from him in a twelve month, but the description of the floater found here tallied so strongly with that of her absent spouse that she decided to make certain.
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