Wanted JENSEN Family

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Wanted JENSEN Family

Legg inn av beatrix » 17. desember 2006 kl. 20.47

My name is Beatrix and I was born in "La Clinique des Orangers" in
Algeria (Algers).

All the information which I have has come from an Algerian doctor who
has been able to look in the archives of the Clinic.
I know the following:
- their name is "Jensen";
- they came from northern Europe (Denmark?) ;
- I was exchanged with a stillborn baby some time between 1957 to 1959
My real date of birth is unknown and I do not know the date of death of
the other baby. Therefore I have been advised to extend my search to
before 1959.

My biological parents do not know that I am alive and believe that I am

Lastly, I must mention that the Algerian authorities refused access to
the registers. I don't have enough facts to contact one specific
country's embassy over another.

I hope that this explains my present internet research. I am conscious
that this way is hard, painful, long and maybe even unsuccesful, but I
want to try.

Please be kind and tell others about this advert and if you have any
information, please contact me.

Many thanks for your help.



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